Best PaidSurveysonline Programs Review

Best get paid surveys online programs
Paid Surveys Etc
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Program Quality 5/5

Paid Surveys Etc is one of the few legitimate money making programs.PaidSurveysEtc is a site that offer you a huge range of surveys to do, and focus groups to attend in your spare time to earn some extra money online.It has been rated the top survey sites on the Internet and has thousands of satisfied members.Let us start by saying there is a lot of skepticism about whether these companies actually live up to their word or not and this puts a lot of people off buying into these opportunities.From experience a lot of them don't so much lie on their sales pages, but certainly hype their product up to be a lot more than it actually is.This site is a recommended cash-earning Program.

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Paid Surveys Online
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate +
Rank : 4/5

Paid Online Surveys like any other survey you might fill out. The only difference is that you do it online, while you are getting paid for it, as the name suggests. Just like any normal off line survey, Paid Surveys Online can be on many different topics and cover a wide range of different questions.I suggest that if you are going to join a paid survey company, that you join Paid Surveys Online, however don't expect to become rich with their surveys and feel likely if you make enough money back to cancel off the cost of the membership.They have some great bonuses for you when you first sign up valued at $74.85 so you immediately make back your initial sign up fee. If you're after a high quality online survey provider than Paid Surveys Online are a safe and sound choice.Check them out. We're sure you'll be impressed.

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Survey Income System
Skill Level: Intermediate
Program Quality: 4/5

Survey Income System has been hot ever since it's launched in early 2006. The program does not have the support of some of the bigger survey systems, however they do have quite a large database of surveys that you can utilize. If you're new to the online paid survey industry, this is probably the best place for you to get started. The companies listed here are committed to helping newbies get started quickly and painlessly.

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Get More Buyers Review

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Michael Rasmussen and his new “Get More Buyers” marketing course.But what you REALLY want to know is …

It probably seems like magic...or a scam. But let me tell you, it's neither one. In fact, it's pretty easy once you have the business tool these big-profit marketers have. And Michael Rasmussen's new "Get More Buyers" video course shows you how to get it.

Get More Buyers is a course about building your online business by building email mailing lists filled with buyers rather than freebie-seeking, unresponsive subscribers.

Here is Introduction:

This introduction lays the groundwork for the video, explaining why the “the money is in the list of BUYERS” not just in having a massive list of potential customers. The Get More Buyers video course will work not only for people selling their own products, but for affiliate marketers as well. With an emphasis on planning, thinking long-term, he clears up existing myths and provides a clear plan to learn new strategies, and fix old mistakes.

Strategy 1: Low-Cost Products (Length 6 Minutes, 49 seconds)

Michael Rasmussen explains the idea of further of creating your marketing funnel. Key concepts are selling an inexpensive product, offering 100% commissions, and quickly building a list of buyers at a price point that will make it an impulse buy for many.

Strategy Two: Run a WSO (Length 6 minutes, 34 seconds)

Explains how to create special offers for other marketers and joint venture partners to sell your OWN products. Key concept: Private Label Rights, Compelling Sales Offers, Customer Service

Strategy Three: Price Increase Sales (Length 4 minutes, and 14 seconds)

This section of the video describes how to create demand for your product through the threat of price increases, initially offering your product at a low price point and raising it as you go. Different triggers such as time and number of sales, identify the different types of sales. Key concepts: Fire Sales, Dime Sales, Nickel Sales

Strategy Four: Upsells and One Time Offers (Length 5:42)

Shows how you can expand your profits when you are offering something free as well. This chapter has some great real-life examples that teach the concepts very well. I found this chapter very informative and easy to understand. Key Concepts: Upsells, Increasing Buyers Through Compelling Offers, Impulse Buys

Strategy Five: Affiliate Promotion Bonuses (Length 4 minutes, 53 seconds)

Offer bonuses that are complementary to the product you are promoting. This will entice people to buy your product, and you can add them to your list of buyers. Key concepts: Offer Bonuses When You Promote, Builds on Previous Strategies,

Strategy Six: Thank You Page Promotions (Length 4 minutes, 49 seconds)

The topic covers how to promote yourself on another products Thank You Page, and tells the steps you need to take to do it, and how to pitch your promotion to your partner, and how to increase the sales of BOTH of your products. This is another great chapter, one of my favorites in the course, and has a lot of original examples and creative ideas. Key concepts: Promotions, Commissions, Partnerships, Back-end.

Strategy Seven: Contribute To an OTO (Length 6 minutes, 55 seconds)

Chapeter 7 shows you how to include your product in somebody elses one-time offer and why this is such a great idea that is easy to sell someone on. Explains the three levels of customers that you will run into for this strategy, and how to find the prospects for this type of offer. Key Conecpts: Niche forums, developing relationships with others like you.

Strategy Eight: Contribute to a Product (Length 4 minutes, 44 seconds)

This strategy focuses on how you find potential partners to include your product in their product. It shows how you can add value to someones existing product, and grow your list of buyers at the same time. It also helps you develop a list of contacts for future deals. Usually these types of deals are win/win so they are easy to sell. Key Concepts: Ideas for enhancing your partners products to help sell your own.

Strategy Nine: Holiday Promos (Length 3 minutes, 18 seconds)

Explains how to get involved in some of the big holiday promotions. Using this strategy, you can offer a free item in someone elese promotion, as well as a one time offer. This way you can build your list of buyers, as well as earn commisions for the products you sell! Key concepts: Explains why these are not bad to get involved in, contrary to popular opinions.

Strategy Ten: Cross Promotion (Length 2 minutes 29 seconds)

Shows variations on existing strategies for cross promotion. This is another win/win scenario for both people involved in this type of promotiom because bothe partners build their buyer lists with new buyers that neither previously had!.

Final Analysis:

Michael Rasmussen’s Get More Buyers is a great value at his initial offering price! If you have read this review then you understand that one the concepts of this sytstem is incremental price increases. Michael Rasmussen stands by this principle and always practices in his releases. Get in on this before the price goes up. The three componets of this course serve a unique purpose, and together they form the most comprehensive course on this subject available today. For more information, read this review of the 144 page Battle Plan here. There is a great wealth of information in this product and if you only implement one or two of them you will indeed build a massive list of BUYERS!


Perfect Uninstaller Review

Perfect Uninstaller is a better and easier way for you to completely uninstall any unwanted applications that standard Windows Add/Remove Program can't remove. Feartures and benefits: 3 times faster than the standard Windows Add/Remove program. 3 ways of application view: by icons, by list, by details. Remove programs that could not be removed by Add/Remove program. Completely clean the empty / corrupt registry entries that a certain application left over. Protect your registry from empty / corrupted errors, improve PC performance.

Forcibly remove hidden application installed in your system. Fast point to the folder where application installed. Navigate to a selected program's registry entry, installation folder, and its Web site. View detailed information of a certain application installed on your computer. Easy to use and friendly user interface. Show details about currentlly installed applications. This version is the first release on CNET Download.com.

What Perfect Uninstaller can do for you ?
  1. Uninstall / remove any unwanted application in your PC
  2. Forcibly remove unwanted programs that cannot be uninstalled completely from "Windows Add or Remove Programs" control panel applet.
  3. Clear registry entries and drivers that the applications left over
  4. Show detailed information of a certain application installed in your computer
  5. Completely remove Adobe Reader, McAfee, Aol Toolbar, AVG Anti-Virus, Norton 2006/2007 and much more difficult to completely uninstall applications! Start your free trial now!
With Perfect Uninstaller, you can uninstall any unwanted applications in your system easier and faster. The standard Add /Remove Program can not often completely uninstall all applications and broken registry keys.Unlike your own PC Add/Remove Program , Perfect Uninstall can not only uninstall the applications , but also clean the registry files left over themselves. It will protect your PC from corrupted registry errors , improving your PC performance and speed!

Feartures And Benefits:3 times faster than the standard Windows Add/Remove program ; 3 ways of application view: by Icons, by List, by Details; Remove programs that could not be removed by Add/Remove program; Completely clean the empty / corrupt registry entries that a certain application left over; Protect your registry from empty / corrupted errors, improve pc performance ; Forcibly remove hidden application installed in your system; Fast point to the folder where application installed; Navigate to a selected program's Registry Entry, Installation Folder and its Web Site; View detailed information of a certain application installed on your computer; Easy to use and Freindly user interface ; Show detailed about currentlly installed applications.


PPC Bully Review

PPC Bully is a brand new advanced keyword research tool that will allow you to see what your competitors are doing, so you can see what works and what doesn't work before you launch a PPC campaign! As the new name implies, PPC Bully allows advertisers to dominate the PPC market. It allows users to determine what their competitors are doing and how they are doing. They can uncover competitors’ winning combination of keywords, ads, merchants and landing pages.

The PPC Bully software's job is to help its user do this research automatically and help him or her launch profitable campaigns every single time.

1. How Exactly Does The PPC Bully Software Work?

This software allows you to see the campaigns that your competitors and other advertisers are running, which products they are promoting or selling, the network which the products are sold and most importantly, the keywords that the advertisers are targeting.

In short, you get to identify profitable campaigns immediately and it is up to you to replicate these campaigns in any way you see fit. The demo video on the PPC Bully website will give you a better idea of how the software works.

2. What Are The Main Reasons for Using the PPC Bully Software?

This software eliminates all the need to create test campaigns and trial and error to find the right combination of keywords and products. It is absolutely necessary for today's pay per click advertisers in my opinion. All I need to do to make money now is to create campaigns, use the keywords that PPC Bully has identified and track my conversions, knowing that I have a 99% chance of profiting from my campaigns right from the start.

Let your competitors do all the work for you (for free), and cash in on their efforts.

Pay Per Click advertising is becoming more and more difficult. There are literally hundreds of thousands of advertisers out there trying to grab customers' attention.

As an advertiser, you know that pay-per-click campaigns take a lot of trial and error. You set up your keywords, write your ads and track conversions until you find just the right combination that works the best.This is how you normally create a PPC campaign


But what if there was a way to know up front what are the best converting keywords, the best converting ads, and the best converting landing pages?

You will be able to save yourself a lot of time, a lot of hard work, and make a lot more money. This is where PPC Bully comes in play...

PPC Bully is an advanced keyword research tool developed by a highly experienced R&D team from Israel. It allows you to see exactly what your competitiors are doing, so you can "cash in" on their "test" and launch with the most lucrative combinations possible.
Now you have the chance to know what works (and what doesn’t) before you even launch your campaign!
Here's how it works... First, you create a new project by entering its name and the geographic location you are targeting. Second, enter the keywords you'd like to monitor. That's it...!

PPC Bully will go out and collect every available piece of information related to your project, and within days, you'll be able to see who's using these keywords, which ads are they using, and their exact landing pages.
Imagine - no more spending time, effort and money to know what works. Instead, you get access to the information you need before you even start.

As an affiliate, you also benefit from knowing which offers others are promoting and from which network. PPC Bully supports over 40+ Affiliate and CPA Networks including ClickBank, Clickbooth, ClixGalore, Commission Junction, Amazon, Azoogle, Buyat, Hydra Network, Linkshare, RevenueLoop, ShareASale, and many more.

With this valuable information, PPC Bully gives you the competitive edge you need to blow away your competition and dominate the pay per click playground...


SharingZone.net Review

SharingZone offers P2P file sharing related applications for connection to millions of Kazaa, iMesh, eDonkey, Overnet, Grokster, Gnutella, Limewire, and G2 users to get more results than you've ever seen before!

  1. P2P file-sharing site.
  2. A range of P2P download managers to choose from
  3. Unlimited Music Downloads/ No Download Fees
  4. Over 180 billion files online!
  5. Over 35 million users sharing files around the world
  6. Extremely fast downloads - 150% faster downloads than Kazaa!
  7. Highest Quality MP3 Music Formats
  8. No need to share files with other users - you will find instructions in the members' area on how to disable the file sharing option
  9. Download MP3 music files, WAV's, music videos, full-length DVD-quality movies, games, software, ebooks, CD and DVD covers, wallpapers, pictures, windows themes, and much much more!
  10. Friendly Technical Support
  11. NO spam, spyware or adware!
  12. PC, Mac and Linux compatible
  13. Download CD and DVD covers
  14. Browse the most popular downloads
  15. Advanced simultaneous downloading from multiple sources so that files are downloaded at a very high speed
  16. Access to live on demand streams for over 3000 movies and TV shows
  17. One-off fee! No recurring billing
  18. Full money-back guarantee
The members' area also provides you with a myriad of tools to complement your downloaded files, including tools to backup and burn all your downloaded files to CD and DVD. Also included are music and movie playing software, enabling you to watch your downloaded movies and listen to your downloaded music in crystal clear quality directly from your PC or Mac.For all newbies to downloading files using peer-to-peer file sharing clients, Sharing Zone provides clear help guides and how-to manuals, including a quick start guide to get you up and running and downloading movies and music fast!

The movie downloads available on SharingZone include new cinema releases, as well as a number of as-yet unreleased titles and the latest album and single releases. All music downloads are iPod compatible. Game downloads include games for all platforms, including PS3, XBox, PSP and Wii.

Check out SharingZone.net BY yourself: http://www.sharingzone.net


Gas4Free Review


Discover How To Convert Your Car or Truck To USE Water And Gasoline, To Double, Even Triple Your Mileage!

A car that uses ordinary water as fuel? NO it’s not science fiction, it is NOT waiting to be rolled off the assembly line and it does NOT cost thousands of dollars.

You already own the car of the future! In fact, the car of Al Gore’s dreams is already sitting in your driveway waiting to burn off some steam! Here’s How:
  • Gas4Free is a complete, Do-It-Yourself system that’s affordable and SIMPLE to install, anyone can do it.
  • With Gas4Free, just by using WATER with Your gasoline or diesel engine you can double, even triple your mileage. We own 3 cars averaging 63MPG.
  • Water packs incredible power, boosting performance while cleaning your engine and preventing smog by significantly reducing emissions
  • Join the Tens of thousands of people that are using this technology worldwide, read the testimonials of many happy customers
  • Learn how the government will pay you for using Gas4Free. That’s right. You are owed a refund from the IRS for using this green technology!
  • We've eliminated all the risk with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee and Totally Secure Shopping.
Keep on reading to find out even more about how you can use water to save fuel, clean out your engine and most importantly SAVE MONEY!

How Is It Possible To Run My Car Or Truck On Water?

Remember, you still have to take the occasional trip to the gas pump because water is supplemental to your gas or diesel fuel. 100% water cars are still on the drawing board, but extracting energy from water to double or triple your fuel economy is VERY EASY.

This is not new technology. We’ve been using water to gas converters in our vehicles for over 4 years. This is proven technology. Using a simple device, you can use the electricity from your battery to separate water (H2O) into a gas known as HHO. HHO is two parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen. HHO is a supercharged gas that burns effectively and produces significant energy, greatly improving your fuel economy. Incredibly, the waste product is water!

This is very easy to do, we will show you exactly how! We've taken an almost century old suppressed technology, updated it and simplified it using local hardware store parts and created an effective, affordable and simple device. Our water conversion guide will show you exactly how. This system is very easy to install and requires very little maintenance. Plus, it works on all vehicle types.

FACT: Pound for pound HHO is 3x MORE potent than gasoline! Are you Spending too much on gas? Maybe it’s time you joined the thousands of people worldwide are already using HHO technology to dramatically improve fuel economy.

Since you're converting water into an explosive gas, you might be thinking “Isn’t that dangerous? NO, it’s completely safe, due to a number of reasons. We’ve used the Gas4Free system for over 4 years and out of the thousands of systems installed, we have never heard of any problems.

If the Gas4Free system wasn’t safe, we would have been out of business a long time ago. The way this system releases water energy is extremely safe as it’s created on-demand, as the engine needs it and it only ignites inside your engine that gives you some bang for your buck – mileage wise that is.
Why You Need This Technology Today,This is what the Gas4Free system will do for you:

* Double or even triple your mileage: Of course this is a little bit dependent on what type of vehicle you own. Some pickup/SUV's have been known to increase mileage as much as 283% running on the Gas4Free system. Some customers are saving over $100 per week!
* Eliminate emissions that damage your health and the environment. Once “burned” the hydrogen gas converts safely back into water. No harmful chemicals are emitted. You will be able to smell and BREATHE the difference.
* Enhance the performance of your vehicle. Big rig trucks suddenly pull better going up hills because their engines are so clean! Enjoy a calmer, quieter ride as the water smoothes out the combustion cycle of your engine.
* Remove carbon build up. The enhanced burn of HHO gas has the effect of actually cleaning deposits out of your engine. This also leads to a cooler running engine.
* You can feel good again about driving. You don’t have to skulk around in your big gas guzzling vehicle any more. If you drive an SUV or a big truck you no longer have to explain about polluting the environment anymore. Instead you can tell others, with a sense of pride, about how you converted your car from being a gas guzzler into an economy and environment saving water burner.
* You can choose to be a leader in your community and spread your new knowledge and experience. You can even sell this service and make some income for yourself. Not only can you use the technology to teach people how to save money but you may even give people who are poorer the means to start being able to afford to drive a car again because they do not have to pay so much for gas!
How Much Money Can I Save?

Every car manufacture uses slightly different designs, so we can't give you the exact savings you will get. What we can say is what we've experienced:

Take Peter Minovski from Cleveland, Ohio. He has a Ford pickup and in November he installed the Gas4Free device in his car engine.

Peter and his brother tested the device on seven more cars, of all different makes and models, (mostly owned by neighbors and family) and found on average that no matter what, the device increased mileage by a whopping 39%. One tiny Honda Civic fixed up by another neighbor had a massive mpg savings of 80%.

So just how much money can you save using the Gas4Free System?

Take a look that the Estimator below. I gives you an idea of how much you can save. Just move your mouse over the type of vehicle you own. Note: The estimated gas saving is based on driving 2000 miles per month at $4.00/Gallon.Just look at the average gas prices around the USA today. If you're in Europe, your paying double that per gallon.

This technology is used by thousands and thousands of people, yet it’s still hard for many people to get their heads around it. Many have focused too much on what they may have learned in school, people who doubt this technology have never tried it. The only way to truly know is to TRY IT YOURSELF.

Both Books For Only $500 (Limited Time Offer - Now Only $97)
Book 1 Contains:
* How To Assemble ALL parts using off the self parts at home
* How To Install the entire systems without Engine Modification
* Maintenance and Troubleshooting
+ Much More!
Book 2 Contains:
* How To Fine Tune the System For Maximum Fuel Economy
* How To Ensure Your Saving Tons Of Money with Secret Gas Saving Techniques
+ Much More!

In Summary...
  1. Don't spend your hard earned money, think of what you would do with $1500 extra cash a year you’ll save on gas
  2. Stop adding to the Greenhouse effect and global warming with your hot, polluting engines
  3. Enjoy a smooth, quite ride, longer engine life and better acceleration
  4. Instead of letting the gas companies take your hard earned money, turn it around and make a healthy extra income at home for yourself, while helping others save gas!
BONUS #1 - Exclusive Parts Suppliers List
BONUS #2 - 100% Water Car Plans
BONUS #3 - HyperMiling - The Art of Driving To Save Fuel
BONUS #4 - IRS TAX Rebate Forms


Topsecretmagiccode Review

Man makes $96 Million from the Web and now reveals for the first time ever his greatest online money-making secret!! ...


"Now You Can Add Just 1 Simple String of Code to Any Website & Magically Money
Starts Pouring Into Your Pocket!"

It takes just 5 minutes to add to your website or webpages and requires NO effort beyond that at all!

From: Dr Jon Cohen II (retired)
Wednesday, 9:35 a.m.

Look! I don't hesitate to make money from the Internet!

At my age I'm still full of energy, and I make it my daily passion to make as much money as I can online!

"I make more in just 1 hour than most people make
in 3 whole months - and I make more in just 1 day
than most people make in 2 whole years!"

And that's not an exaggeration either - I mean this quite literally!

I have amassed a net worth above $96 million from just the Web alone in the past decade. And I'm no genius! Nope, I just do things differently than what you are probably doing.

Here's an example of my daily schedule that reveals how I do things differently:

1. I wake up late (around 11 am EST usually!)
2. I take my time getting started!
3. I eat a bagel with sour cream (delicious!) and drink a ginger ale!
4. I then go do some exercises in my person fitness center in my home (mostly stretches, some light weights, and 25 min on my treadmill, etc)
5. I then go sit in one of my hot tubs outside around my pool and soak for 30 min!
6. Then I login to a good number of my accounts online to see how much I've made!
7. I then make a few phone calls, check my email, then smile and head out the door.
8. I go to Central Park (just minutes from my home) nearly every day for a nice walk (except in the Winter - but still in some cooler months).
9. I say hello to a few friends I recognize and maybe chat a few minutes.
10. Then I return home, and once again check in on my accounts and see that while I was gone I made a few $1,000's more!
11. I then sit down, write a brief article, post it at some very specific locations I know for a fact work very well, do at least 3 article submissions, then make sure my "Top Secret Magic Code" is added to a couple of webpages I set up with a Free Webpage Builder-Tool I use!
12. I then leave the house for a while after having put this in place -- and return only to find that this new "stuff" I just did earlier is already making me some really good money!

This last thing I do is on top of all the money I already make day after day on autopilot!

It's really the single greatest (and by far the EASIEST!) thing in the World to do!

But when I get home I then relax, watch a TV show I especially love, and maybe a movie on Showtime™, then I sit down and do another article, with yet another little webpage I can make and upload in just 45 minutes, and add once again my "Top Secret Magic Code," and the whole thing grows yet again on top of everything else!

But I do want to point out that in order to do this you don't have to keep doing this over and over every day (that's just my thing! - that's all!)

The fact is, you can just build one webpage (just ONCE!) if that's all you want to do, and then just add my "Top Secret Magic Code" (just like I do!) and then sit back and let the money pour into your pocket!

"This has got to be the easiest way to make money on the entire Internet!"

And in case you think I'm the only one doing it, you'd be mistaken!

But, it's a fact that less than 1 in every 5,000 webmasters in the top 100,000 sites on the Web are using my secret!

Yet, despite how few are using it, it's still very, very, very easy to do! You simply take a special "magic code" I give you and add it to your website - that's it (nothing could be easier!)

From that moment on, the money starts to pour into your pockets!

"The fact is that I plan on allowing
just a limited number of these breakthrough
sites out and about, and after that, that's it!"

My gut feeling tells me that many may catch on to what I'm offering over here, and they will act right then and there - and once I reach my prescribed limit, I'm going to pull the plug of this offer without so much as a single polite email's notification (I've done it before!)

I have also deliberately placed a fast countdown timer on this page so that you must take action - and as I want ONLY people who are seriously interested in taking advantage of my "Top Secret Magic Code!"

So, I would definitely like to urge you to take advantage of this unprecedented and very unique offer while it's both still HOT and readily available (*cuz soon it may not be here - although once you secure your brand new "Top Secret Magic Code" site, it will be yours FOREVER! - and no one can ever take it away from you!)


LifeLock Review

LifeLock is a service that helps individuals protect themselves against identity theft. You might have heard about LifeLock on the radio or even on T.V. It has been seen on the Today Show, Montel Williams, CNN and MSNBC.LifeLock has also been mentioned in Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, CBS Early Show and the News Now. They have also been mentioned in over 250 other news stories. As you can tell this is not a service that no one has ever heard about.

LifeLock is a company that provides identity theft protection services. You may wonder why you need identity theft protection - you've never needed it before.
Identity theft is one of the most rapidly growing crimes in the world. It's now bringing in more money than drug trafficking. The reason? This crime pays well and carries very little risk of being arrested or prosecuted. Plus, there aren't any guns involved like you have with drugs. No wonder so many crooks around the world have found their perfect calling.

No matter how careful you may be with shredding your papers and protecting your social security number, your personal information is still at risk through security breaches. Over 216 million identities have been put at risk through security breaches in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Here are some benefits you will receive:

1. Proactive Identity Theft Protection
2. Reduced Junk Mail
3. Reduced Credit Card Offers
4. A $1 Million Service Guarantee
5. WalletLock - Automatic protection for lost or stolen wallets
6. Protection of Your Children's Identities
7. And much more…

LifeLock places fraud alerts at all three credit bureaus and maintains these alerts every 90 days renewing them before they expire. A fraud alert causes the credit bureaus to flag your credit file and include your phone number so that you can give verbal authorization to a creditor as proof that they are dealing with you and not an identity thief. A creditor who accesses a flagged file is required per the FACT Act passed by Congress, to confirm your identity. It is best to place your cell phone number in your file so that you can authorize a credit transaction on the spot.

The system has worked extremely well and is the most effective identity protection service as it is proactive rather than reactive, stopping identity theft before it happens. This differs greatly from credit monitoring which only informs you that someone has used your credit and then leaves you the emotionally draining and costly task of restoring your credit and clearing your name. Are you confident that you could handle the fallout, stress and anxiety that would result from an identity theft situation? Personally, we would never want to find out.

The fraud alert system employed by LifeLock, as well as other identity theft protection leaders like LoudSiren Debix and TrustedID, is easy to use, effective, and safe. It allows YOU to maintain control of your credit and money while "locking" out thieves. Of course they do far more than this.

In conclusion, identity theft is a major epidemic we are experiencing, and it is only going to get worse. People that have experienced identity fraud have lost thousands of dollars. Some have almost lost everything they have because of it. Spending only $10 a month is worth the protection. Since it opened its doors a couple of years ago, LifeLock has been proven time and time again to work. We strongly recommend LifeLock.

Protect Your Family Now with LifeLock.

TrustedId Review

TrustedId is a major player in the industry of identity theft. They have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNNMoney.com, Time and Newsweek. TrustedId will monitor your credit, remove you from credit card offers and protect you with a $1 Million limited warranty. What TrustedId does is a little bit different than the rest of the services out there.

The service has been highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Newsweek and Time magazines, and on CNNMoney.com.

Trusted ID offers two suites of products, IDFreeze and Data Breach Response Service. The first, IDFreeze, gives you the tools to prevent identity theft as well as further assistance if identity theft occurs, or unbeknownst to you, has already occurred. The second, Data Breach Response Service, is catered to businesses, assisting them in recovering and containing sensitive information if it gets into the wrong hands.

The IDFreeze package of services contains several products that provide a comprehensive protection plan to prevent thieves from damaging your credit and good name. Details are as follows.

Here are some benefits you will receive:

* Free annual credit reports
* $1 million limited warranty
* Free telephone or email support from identity theft specialist
* Stop pre-approved offers
* Credit card monitoring

Click Here to Protect your Identity with TrustedID


Google Nemesis Review

Google Nemesis has been unleashed by Chris McNeeny, better known as "Chris X". He's one of the Day Job Killer guys, you know, they are the guys who consistently break ClickBank records for successful product launches. Perhaps you remember a few of them, Affiliate Project X, Day Job Killer, and Google Assassin. These products have helped make thousands of ordinary people, wealthy enough to fire their bosses and create their own full-time income at home.

With this follow up to Day Job Killer, Google Nemesis Chris will disclose to you all of his powerful, proven, and closely guarded secrets will that he uses every day to make over $5,000 a day. He and his staff of technicians have streamlined the whole laborious and sometimes profit killing process of choosing the right products to promote, which keywords to choose, what campaigns to launch, and when to launch them. The Google Nemesis system is designed in such a way that it eliminates the need for you to spend massive amounts of money launching and testing a Google Adwords campaign to find out which ads are working and which ones aren't. Google Nemesis does all of that at a mere fraction of what it would ordinarily cost as well as doing it in record time, in a format that is simple and easy to use. And best of all it's AUTOMATED!

You are a complete "newbie" and are looking for the fastest and easiest way to get started making staggering amounts of money online. Chris says it's so easy to use even a 9 year old can make money online with it.

You are an experienced marketer and are looking for a way to AUTOMATE your Google Adwords Campaigns. With Google Nemesis you can put your campaigns on autopilot.

You want to join a program that's created and led by a proven leader in his market who is willing to allow you to use the same tools that he uses and take you behind the scenes and show you step by step how creates amazing gobs of cash.
You want to take advantage of a really killer bonus.

Google Nemesis in short is a membership site for accommodating failing affiliates and google adwords users.

1) With Google Nemesis, you'll be able to get hold of this little known process that will allow you to pump out thousands a day in Clickbank from your Google Adwords campaigns.

2) Discover the automated Google Nemesis software that is responsible for the 2K Clickbank days.

3) Reap out huge profits using the advanced affiliate training material made available

4) Get help and valuable tips from only the highest earning affiliates in the affiliate marketing scene.

Want proof of Google Nemesis effectiveness?http://www.djknemesis.com/proof1.jpg

It's simple. Google success

Your order is protected by my fully unconditional 56-day money-back guarantee...

I know that you want access to the same advanced ClickBank tool that the super affiliates use.

And I know that you have the best chance to profit with the software and training inside my exclusive club - but I want to ensure you are fully protected, which is why I am offering you a full 56 days to test-drive our system and see why we have successfully trained up over 30,000 affiliates just like you in the last 2 years.

Examine my hands-off system in your home for 56 days, watch the training videos, use the powerful software - do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to make an excellent living, working a few hours a week from home.

If for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, just let me know and your membership will be cancelled, and your fee fully refunded. You can cancel your membership at any time, and for ANY reason.

That's how certain I am that you are going to love my proven system and make it work for you.


Shareconsole.com Review

Search For and Download Any File!

Welcome to Shareconsole. Get instant access to the largest networks, Find and download your favourite movies, Start searching for and downloading your favorite apps, games, security utilities, full programs and more!
Unlimited downloads!
Turbocharged download speeds!
All file types supported (games, apps, movies, mp3s, music videos, etc..)!
Unrestricted and uncensored content
  • Games Action, Driving, FPS, ROMS, RPG, Simulation, Strategy...
  • Internet Browsers, Chat Utilities, Operating Systems, Plugins, Pop-up Blockers...
  • Security Antivirus, Antispyware, Drivers, Firewalls, Plugins, Registry Fix...
  • Audio/Video MP3s, Movies, Burners, Players, Rippers, Music Videos, Audio Editors...
  • Business Office Programs, Email Managers, Spam Filters, Office Add-ons, Contacts Manager, Programming...
  • Design/Photo 3D Renderers, Graphics Editors, Flash Tools, Digital Photo, Video Editors, Web Design...
Download and share anything you want anytime you want. We provide you access to the fastest and most reliable file-trading networks online.Downloading from multiple sources cuts your download times from hours to minutes.

Get access to millions of movie files, MP3s, full games, TV shows and more! We show you how to find the best files around and how to copy them, no extra fees required.
We offer the tools and tutorials, and in case you need it, a great technical support.


Six Figure Yearly Review

"I'm going to show you how I put $1000 - $3,500 a day in my account
and access it through any ATM anywhere in the world. This simple, but secret system is consistent, safe, legal and secure. I was earning
$1000 to $3,500 a day in just days!"

What is Six Figure Yearly? Basically it's not a single method of making money but several. In effect you could think of it as somewhat of an online money-making bible. To be honest many of the methods you may have heard of, though I guarantee there will be several you haven't.

Some of the ones in Six Figure Yearly you may have heard of are things like doing surveys and the like, though they're not the reason you should buy it. There are a few little-known gems in there which I recommend you use. The method of money I used when I tested this system is one whereby you complete online money-making transactions for other people and I'll talk about this in more detail later.

The great thing about the variety of methods you have access to in Six Figure Yearly is that you can choose the one that suits you the most. While some are more lucrative than others, most will give you the chance to make more than enough to leave your day job if you invest a little dedication in them.

How easy is Six Figure Yearly to use? There are a couple of money making methods in this system that may require you to have a little experience, however most will be extremely easy for a total money making beginner to pick up. You shouldn't need to have any prior experience at all in making money online for this to work for you.

Every single method of making money described in this system is set out vey easy for you to understand so that as long as you have the ability to follow instructions -- which I'm sure you can -- then you'll have no problem making money with Six Figure Yearly.

The method I tested I had no experience using at all and in fact I'd never heard of it before Six Figure Yearly, however within one hour of starting to use this income package I had made my first dollar.

You know all those times you wished you could do more for your friends and family. My parents worked their entire lives away. I cannot tell you how it broke my heart to see them struggle.

Now I can give them whatever they want. I can help them financially and provide for them without it even affecting my own family.

Do you have any idea how satisfying and fulfilling that is?

Do you know how great it is to be able to see a need and write a check without worrying about it bouncing?

Be financially happy in your new life!Why am I sharing this with you?

You know, there's a lot of junk being sold on the Internet that I am ashamed to admit that I bought. I spent money I couldn't spare on ideas that turned out to be garbage. I can tell you that I was frustrated and even angry many times.

So, after consistently securing income week after week, I decided to make this available to the public.

I just ache inside when I think about all the families that are suffering just because of what they don't know!

I make my money using this system!

My income comes from following the same instructions that you will be following. I will show you exactly what I do to generate $1,000 to $3,500 every single day. I GAURANTEE THAT! You will be amazed at how simple this really is.

Got you thinking don't I. Somebody must be praying for you because this
is an answer you've been looking for.

What I will show you is so much fun, you'll be amazed. It's so simple that just about anyone could do it. All you have to do is follow simple instructions and put them to work.

You will have step by step help all the way until you are generating income! You can't find that anywhere. I have looked. I have read hundreds of sites offering books and plans, but then they leave you there.You don't need to do this alone!

NO more trying to "go it alone" unless you choose to. You're not going to get left to the side. You will have help be successful.

Myself and my support team are willing to help you through with guidance and direction. You are going learn how I earn the income I'm talking about. You can do it. I am telling you right now in front of God and everybody, you are going to have the information you need to succeed.

You're going to love going to your ATM machine!

You will learn how to:
  1. Set up your income accounts
  2. Put everything you need together quickly.
  3. Access your money online or through any ATM machine or your Bank Account!
You will have Step-by-Step instructions. I will show you how to plug in your Six Figure Yearly System™ and begin receiving income in days!

You can choose to stay home, get on your computer, and earn an incredible income each day, every day. Even if you take the day off! That's the exciting part!

Click to Order now


Normally I simply provide the information to people and they have to follow the instructions on their own. In this LIMITED OFFER, we will HELP YOU THROUGH the steps you need to take through our online support center!

The platinum program is my FAST TRACK program that gets you going as fast as possible to get your accounts generating income as soon as possible.


Dominating Clickbank 2 Review

What is nice about Andrew Fox is he tells it like it is. No fluff, no filler, and no rehashed material to beef up a weak product - just straight from experience "this is what it takes" information. And "what it takes" to build a real affiliate marketing business is a step-by-step blueprint that includes what to do, how to do it, and why it is necessary.

So the bad news is, if you are new to affiliate marketing, is Dominating Clinkbank 2 may overwhelm you. The incredible news is Andew Fox does break down the seemingly daunting job of building a real, high profitable business into bit sized chucks.

DOMINATING CB 2 is the updated version of the popular Dominating CB. Dominating CB taught you how to dominate clickbank using the power of resale rights products. Dominating CB 2 takes things to next level and shows you how to earn thousands of dollars a month as an affiliate marketer or selling your own products. Dominating CB 2 has a number of videos for you watch which shows you exactly what to do. Andrew has a video on his site which you can watch which shows you exactly the kinds of money he generates each and every week.

You get SIX complete, step-by-step videos:

Video # 1 - The Predator Method (38:52 minutes) - Find Proven Markets That Contain READY buyers. What's the use of setting up a "dominating clickbank" campaign if no one is interested in buying what you are selling. Here, Andrew recommends starting with two markets as a test and walks you through making that happen.

Video #2 - Adwords Trickery (30:56 minutes) - Critical Tips To Building A Customer List while cutting 85% of your adwords costs. Cut costs and you make more money. You'll learn the best type of landing pages to use and HOW to set up pay-per-click campaigns that pull in the cash.

Video #3 - Cobra Method (51:25 minutes) - How to Compell Your Customer's Fall In Love with You. The most important video of the series. Build a deep relationship and become wealthly. Learn how to talk with your list to create long-term affiliate marketing profits.

Video #4 -Bonus Profit Mayhem (23:56 minutes) - Dramatically increasing Affiliate Pay Days by 700%. Here you'll learn precisely how Andrew uses the dominatingcb2 model to pull in $20,000... $30,000... even $70,000 paydays by out-positioning all the other "gurus" blasting out the same "new launch" products. AWESOME info here.

Video #5 - Pre Sell Dynamite (21:39 minutes) - The Magic Formula for squashing Google PPC Costs. This is where Andrew Fox teaches you the art of dramatically increasing your conversions. Increase conversions and you increase profits. Bottomline.

Video #6 - 'The Excalibur Method' (18:10 minutes) - Tying Everything together to create huge profits.

Dominating Clickbank 2 - Limited Edition Bonus Package: I'm Going To Give You the Original Dominating CB Course And Four Millionaire Interviews.
Bonus Four Exclusive Audio Millionaire Interview's ( $488 Combined Value)

Interview Bonus #1- Private Audio MP3 Interview between Mike Filsaime and Andrew Fox ($97 Value)

Interview Bonus #2- Private Audio MP3 Interview between Jeff Mulligan and Andrew Fox ($97 Value)

Interview Fast Action Bonus #3- Private Audio MP3 Interview between Corey Rudl and Andrew Fox including PDF Transcript ($147 Value)

Interview Fast Action Bonus #4- Private Audio MP3 Interview between Jonathan Mizel and Andrew Fox ($147 Value)

P.S. Get INSTANT access before raise the true price to $297! Be warned that this is your final chance to lay your hands on the exact secrets I've used to bank $633,798.35 with Clickbank .

P.P.S. Remember, we're taking all the risk for a full 60 days while you get to test-drive the system. If it doesn't work, you don't pay!


My Product Center Review

Would you like to make money online working from home? Earning money from home is 100% legitimate and I have been doing it for many months now. I am so glad that I found the My Product Center site. They have provided me with many automated money making websites. I simply need to send potential customers to this site, and my account will be credited whenever someone makes a purchase through my site.
There is a fortune to be made on the Internet, and there is no better time to get started than RIGHT NOW!

This opportunity has never before been offered to the public. Prior to the launch of
My Product Center, it would have cost you $1497 dollars to have us build you a money making website of your own.
  1. Your Own Online Money Making Website
  2. Instant Online Setup
  3. Regular $1497 Franchise Fee Waived
  4. Toll Free Phone Support 24 Hours/Day
  5. Fully Automated Website
  6. Commission on Every Sale
  7. FREE 1 on 1 Marketing Consultation
By opening an online money making website you avoid the expense of leasing a physical storefront – your site is set up for you instantly on the Internet. You will have millions of potential customers as soon as you activate your new website.

During this Limited Time Introductory Period, the $1497 franchise fee has been waived. Saving You over a thousand dollars! Don't miss out on this limited time offer.


Auction Acrobat Review

Create An Automated Money Machine On eBay Using This Powerful Yet Incredibly Easy To Use Software!Auction Acrobat is not just a software but an automated sales machine that delivers CD/DVD's, build a buyer list, and much much more... Now you can make long term residual income on eBay without selling!

If you’re an eBook publisher, there was no easier way to sell your product then through eBay. You had free traffic, you didn’t need a website or mailing list - it was the perfect way to sell. But just recently eBay stopped allowing the selling of digital goods - bringing a halt, and in some cases completely eliminating some people’s income. The next logical step would be to sell your eBook on CD. Opposed to digital, there are a lot more moving parts. You have to design the CD art and jewel case, create a interactive CD menu and find a vendor that will create the CDs for you and ship them to your customers. Don’t get me wrong though, selling your eBook on CD is great. It makes your eBook seem worth more, the customer has a hard copy of it and it looks more professional. But isn’t there an easier way to sell your product on a CD or DVD? There is, and it’s called Auction Acrobat.

In a nutshell, Auction Acrobat does everything listed above, automatically. It’s an all in one program that allows you to create the jewel case and CD art, create the CD menu, and it even orders the CD automatically with a company called Kunaki. It ties in with PayPal and eBay so as soon as someone purchases your CD eBook it orders the CD with Kunaki. Before we go on, Kunaki is a CD/DVD publishing company that creates and sells your CDs as the orders come in. They don’t create the CD until it’s ordered, so there are no minimums. This means that Auction Acrobat creates a fully residual income for you. All you have to is just create the eBook and CD graphics and you’re done, everything else is done for you, even shipping - because Auction Acrobat tells Kunaki where to ship the CD. Auction Acrobat even collects your customers email, and allows seamless integration with Aweber, GetResponse, and other popular autoresponders.
This software will give you an opportunity to Legally and ethically exploit the HOT unknown niches of eBay that you never knew existed!
Deliver CD/DVD's on complete autopilot. 100% Automation. The software will do all the work for you!
Make consistent income on complete autopilot. This system is proven to work again and again!
Churn out highly profitable buyer leads that will keep buying from you month after month, for years to come...
Make money without selling, this secret inbuilt feature will make you money without lifting a finger. Now eBay will indirectly 'pay' all your PayPal and listing fees!

" Ten Reasons Why Auction Acrobat Can Help Your eBay Business "

Aside from the fact that you don't need a product of your own or the fact that you don't need any marketing skills to sell on eBay, here is what makes Auction Acrobat revolutionary...
Works in every country that eBay supports - No more restrictions! Sell where you want, when you want. Do you have a CD/DVD product targeted to a specific country's audience? No problem, list and receive payments within minutes...

Sell physical CD/DVD's on autopilot - Physical products can be homestudy courses, public domain material, tutorial videos, software, infoproducts with resale rights and other information products.

The software setup takes less than 5 minutes and there are a maximum of four lines of PHP code to edit. We have designed the script keeping the newbie users in mind.

Capture buyer’s physical address if you are interested in direct mail marketing - This is a great way to build a loyal high-end customer base. Currently, this is the hottest communication medium that the million dollar businesses are using.
Capture buyer’s email and add it to your auto-responder or use in a safe way you wish for future promotions - this can be the real cash cow!
100% Compatible With Aweber and GetResponse - there are no forms to fill, no code to edit. All the leads will be automatically added to your autoresponder!
Sell unlimited CD/DVD products on eBay- You can add as many products as you wish within minutes. No more testing, tweaking or other mundane tasks. (Setup once - sell forever!)
Allows MULTIPLE product purchases on eBay through one auction listing - Sell multiple items and pay less for shipping in kunaki (special multiple item discounts). Now, you can offer shipping discounts and destroy your competition!
100% integration with PayPal for your convenience and easy payment options using eBay. eBay swears by PayPal and why wouldn’t it? It bought it after all!

Point. Click. Deliver. It's That's Easy!Easy 4 Step Easy Installation Process

One of the greatest problems with software products is that they are designed by geeky programmers who will only go as far as to make the software work. But remember, we are marketers, we are interested in making money not wasting time figuring out code. This software achieves just that.


The posibilites are truely endless! Now you can completely automate your eBay business and generate consistent income streams with little or no effort on your part.

You can try Auction Acrobat Risk Free for 60 Days!

The truth of the matter is . . . You can do exactly what everyone else is doing and get the same kind of mediocre results they are getting on eBay... OR You can use the incredibly powerful Auction Acrobat software to build a business model that will make you money not only in the "shot-term" but will work for you and keep churning out great results for you "long term."

P.S. With Auction Acrobat, you can make hundreds of dollars and build a highly-profitable buyer list by just selling resale rights, PLR, public domain, and other information products on complete autopilot. You will never have to sweat creating your own product!


Internet Wealth Review

This is Ewen Chia and I want to welcome you to InternetWealth.com. Read every word here because this can truly change your life forever...

Ewen Chia has just released his Internet Wealth site where he will teach you how he creates huge amounts of cash online Internet Wealth is unlike any site Ewen has created before. It really is a one stop location for all your Internet marketing needs. At Internet Wealth you can read Ewen Chia's biography, find out where and when he is speaking, order some of his books in print and purchase some of his great products. Along with so much more.....

There are four great new products being released on the Internet Wealth site....

Internet Wealth System

The Internet Wealth System is the world's simplest system for Internet wealth creation. Ewen Chia has been creating this 100 page blueprint for the past three months and is finally ready to share it with you. This system is so simple yet most people don't even have a clue about it....and many continue to struggle when they could be making money online FAST.

Guaranteed Free Traffic System

Discover the hidden secrets to thousands of unique, highly targeted visitors to your website for FREE and with minimal effort - guaranteed! The Guaranteed Free Traffic System is a huge, no fluff 120 page report that reveals how to leverage marketing methods that have no out-of-pocket costs to earn as much as you want.

The Ultimate Free Directory

Grab this top selling SECRET list of free professional Internet business tools and resources worth $4,000 now! There are free marketing, website and internet, authoring and multimedia, pc security and utility tools, communication tools and so much more.

Copywriting Wealth System

Learn how to crank out your own million dollar sales copy easily - even if you are not a copywriter. You will learn how a decent hook in your headline will quadruple the number of people reading your sales letter. There are also psychological buttons, turbo words and so much more to learn here in the copywriting wealth system.

In the coming months Ewen Chia will be adding some more great products to the Internet Wealth site along with some other amazing resources. Check out Internet Wealth today and learn how to you can start making serious CASH online!


Water Fuel Expert Review

Did You Know You Can Slash Fuel Costs, By Running Your Car On Water As Well As Gas?

Run Your Car On Water For Less Than $140...Did you know you can run your car on water as well as gas - and potentially slash your fuel costs by as much as 10%, 25% or even 50%?

We've been using the technology ourselves for over 15 years - and we have helped over 1,400 customers convert their car to run on water as well as fuel...

All the while, we have been perfecting our methods to the point where we can convert a car quickly, easily - and with less than $150. Some of our customers have reported MPG increases of 70%...

Is it really possible to run my car on water?

The simple answer to this is YES - after all, over 1,400 Customers can't be wrong.

We have spent over 15 years simplifying the process to produce a system that...

Is EASY to get started with (you could be unlocking free fuel in a few hours)

Works 100% with any car, SUV or truck (and is fully reversible)
Means Cleaner Emissions from day one (our system use plain old tap water)

Starts SAVING you money in a very short amount of time (as much as $144 per month).

"Water: The Secret To Free Energy..."

Running your car on water as well as gas might attract national news coverage today, but the truth is, water has been our secret weapon for over a decade now.

Our names are Neil and Sam Prendergast - and we first began using the idea back in the early 1990's when Neil used to race cars as a hobby.

Fast forward a decade and we have developed a system that is easy to install, can be done for under $100 - and dramatically cuts fuel bills in a short space of time.

Our system now allows Neil to boast records of 12.5 seconds down a 1/4 mile strip and for racing enthusiasts seconds really do count!

So How Much Will It Cost To Convert My Car?

Al the materials you need are readily available at your local store for under $100, and we include detailed step-by-step instructions with simple and straightforward diagrams for you to follow in the comfort of your own home.

Our guide is fully revamped for 2008 and includes details of suppliers where you can get materials at dirt cheap prices for customers in the US and the UK...

You Could Save Thousands of Dollars...

The moment you unlock this source of "free energy", you will be amazed...

Based on 10,000 miles a year and 28 mpg, fuel at $9 would cost $3214.80:
  • A 25% increase in 25 mpg would save $642 a year!
  • A 50% increase in mpg would save $1071 a year.
  • A two-car family could save approximately $2142 a year.
Seriously. Look At The Potential Savings...The table below is based on extensive road tests and customer feedback. So Exactly What Am I Getting If I Join Right Now?

Our Conversion Guide is the ultimate, freshly updated guide to converting your car to run on water as well as fuel. It comes comes complete with clear step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

You don't need to be a mechanic or know anything about car engines. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and diagrams clearly laid out for you.

All the parts you need will cost you under $100 and can all be sourced locally no matter what country you live in.

Our method will work with any car, truck or SUV - guaranteed or your money back.

You get full support from one of the foremost experts on the subject - this alone is worth many, many times the cost of the book.

Once your car is converted, in a very short space of time you will see the dramatic increase in MPG, stronger engine and acceleration which means more lower fuel bills and more cash left in your pocket.

The technology is here...why not take advantage of it today?

Free Energy Options Review

Hi, my name is Alan Hopkins and I have spent the better part of my career studying wind and solar power for the US Government and major electrical companies. For the first time ever, I am sharing what I have learned. Utility companies are charging you way too much for power! They know that they can set the price as high as they want and millions of people will have to pay it. You need electricity and you have no other way of getting it, right?!

Wrong! I am here to show YOU a better way.

Do I have your attention? This is a serious chance for you to drastically reduce your monthly expenses. It's even possible to earn money from the power company. That’s right, my step-by-step fully illustrated manual will show you how to harness the forces of nature to generate your own FREE ENERGY. When you produce excess energy, the power company may even pay you!

Are you ready to VIRTUALLY ELIMINATE YOUR POWER BILL WHILE SAVING THE PLANET? Here is your opportunity to do your part in helping preserve valuable natural resources. But, even more of a benefit to you is that you will be able to REDUCE YOUR POWER BILL by as much as 80% and in some cases COMPLETELY ELIMINATE IT!

Why Keep Paying For Electricity...Instead, Let The Power Company Pay You!

It’s time to turn the tables on your most costly bills! With the Free Energy Options manual you will quickly learn easy and inexpensive ways to use Wind and Solar energy to your advantage.

Maybe you have seen solar panels used by businesses or wind farms along the highway. But, there is no reason why every individual cannot have access to such valuable information. With Free Energy Options you will be able to build your own Solar Generator and/or Wind Turbine today.

Are you interested in how this really works? My fully illustrated step-by-step manual will show you how to build a system to suit your individual needs for $200 or less in raw materials.

I've set up the Free Energy Options system to be simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use. In fact, if you can't set up your own renewable energy solution for less than $200, we'll refund 100% of the purchase price.

My step-by-step manual will show you how to build your own Solar Power System AND Wind Power System for under $200!

How is this possible? Sunlight and wind are forces. A force can be converted in any kind of energy using the appropriate technology.

Why would I want to use Wind and Solar Energy? Wind and Solar power are called Renewable Energies. This means that this kind of energy is impossible to exhaust because it is generated by natural forces, instead of being created from a controlled reaction like burning fuels or nuclear material. One day we will run out of oil. We must change our habits now, before that happens. I have listed just a few benefits you will gain from Free Energy Options.
  • Your Electricity bill will be greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated.
  • The system will pay for itself within a month or two.
  • The money you save with Free Energy Options will be yours to spend or save!
  • Doing what you can for the environment is great, and your children and grandchildren will be proud of your actions.
  • Knowing that you are doing your part to help solve the energy crisis is a great feeling.
What exactly is included in the FreeEnergyOptions.com manual?

When you place your order below, you will IMMEDIATELY receive the entire Free Energy Options system. Our guide is up-to-date as of August 2008 and was written by THE top expert in the field. It includes step-by-step instructions and full illustrations easy enough for even a novice to follow. You don't need to be a engineer or have a bunch of special tools to build your own Solar Power System and Wind Power System and save a ton of money on rising electric bills. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Here's what you will receive...
  1. Complete step-by-step instructions to make your own solar power generator, including blueprints for a 200-watt solar panel and all the different configurations possible.
  2. Complete step-by step instructions to make a professional grade 1000-watt windmill, with detailed diagrams and instructions, using easy-to-find material.
  3. Maintenance and legal information about your new power systems. This is important if you wish your system to stay operational for the years to come.
  4. General tips on how to save money on gas and electricity. Applying simple tips found in our eBook can reduce your energy consumption by 30%!
  5. Secrets to locating the cheapest deals for your materials and parts. Some of them can even be obtained for free!

You are about to get instant access to all the information you need to create electricity right in your own backyard, including detailed step-by-step instructions, full-color illustrations, and sources for all materials.

P.S - I've been in this business for a LONG TIME and I KNOW utility companies are charging way too much for power. They know that no matter what price they decide upon, people like you will have NO CHOICE but to pay it. Who can live without electricity, right? Well, now you have the ability to eliminate your power bill and even get money in your pocket every month! Think about it!


Tattoo Me Now Review


TattooMeNow is a membership site created to give people the opportunity to make the decision about getting a tattoo in peace and quiet from the comfort of their home.

What makes TattooMeNow unique and a great source of inspiration is that it’s also a community where people can interact and share photos and videos of their tattoos.
  • 2896 3,523 designs (and growing!) in 40 categories
  • Print out and bring to your favorite artist
  • Combine two or more tattoos into one
  • EBookmark' your favorite designs and get back to them later

  • Tattoo photos in 38 categories, ratings & reviews
  • Get inspiration from other people's tattoos
  • Get to know what others think about your tattoos
  • Showcase your newest beauty after you had it done
  • New photos added daily
  • Find a great tattoo studio in your area
  • 10,000+ studios in 38 countries
  • Make educated decisions by reading reviews before making your choice
  • Share your own experience with a particular studio or artist

  • Ask other members & artists for feedback before your get your tattoo
  • Get answers to your most burning questions
  • Make new friends with like-minded people
  • Have your new friends help you out with your next tattoo!

  • Tattoo related videos in 12 categories
  • Educational, Funny, Conventions, Documentaries, TV-shows & more..
  • Rate, review & upload your own videos
  • New videos added regularly
All the things above were created in order to make your 'tattoo journey' as fun and pleasant as possible and maximize your chances of getting those dream tattoos you'll love for the rest of your life!


Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is a fat loss program that reveals natural methods of losing unwanted pounds of fat. There is no doubt that her methods work. By relieving your system from all of the "junk" it has accumulated over the years, you will definitely lose several pounds in as quick as one week.The "secrets" revealed in Top Secret Fat Loss Secret are real eye openers about the dangers of the toxic buildup occurring in our bodies from intake of processed, unnatural foods.

Recently, i came across a new weight loss diet program called Top Secret Fat Loss Secret while surfing the net for some information on healthy diet plan. It was launched recently by a lady doctor, Dr. Suzanne Gundakunst who claims that one can get rid of that extra pound and unwanted fats simply by using her latest method. I thought "Oh yea just another useless scam to get people to part with their money!" But, after having read the website I must say I got a little intrigued, you see I have done a bit of research around this subject of 'body plaque' and 'colon parasites' myself so I know there is something to it.

Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I purchased the program (there are two plans offered by this lady doc: Pro Elite and Hardcore Plan. I bought the former). After a quick rundown on the major chapters of this weight loss guide, i felt that it's indeed a good investment for me personally especially when there's so much hype around nowadays on weight loss products that don't really work in the long term. So here's my own version of "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review" that I am going to provide to you with some of the key descriptions of this fat loss program so you can decide for yourself if you think it's worth it...

Basically, it's a 48 pages long electronic book - "Surely the secret can't take that long to explain?" I thought! Well - it' not all about the main secret topic as the website would have you believe, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing...

On the first few pages, Dr. Suzanne starts out with some tips on how to choose a good weight loss program, which is actually quite good and has some valid points. It's clear that the book is out to give the reader an education in weight loss as a whole (rather than just the secret) which I think is a good thing for beginners.

The book goes on to give yet more tips about losing weight, more specifically - losing weight fast. The tips are all good, valid points that will produce good results. At this point I was just thinking "Get to the secret already!" - as you can imagine!

One of my favorite - and potentially very useful sections is the 'Metabolic Type Plan' - this is very good and something a lot of people don't know about. It basically tells you how to work out what kind of food your body likes to burn so you can adjust your eating habits to lose more fat. Good stuff here I must say, for the long term solution that is, but maybe not for the 'instant fat loss' I was looking for!

I will skip right to the secret now as I think that's what you all want to know!

Just so you don't think I am exaggerating the scale of Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, here are some of the features you are about to discover:
  1. No Nonsense Weight Loss - you have already discovered that conventional diets only work for some and even then weight is usually put straight back on. Now you can learn how to keep that weight off forever.
  2. The 30 Day Test You Get to Lose up to 45lbs every 30 Days . No more using diets that cannibalize your body and destroy your metabolism.
  3. Proof on who is doing what to harm YOU - And really its just not you it is is your family as well...
  4. The Complete Truth About Health Foods and all these revolutionary diets we are being bombarded with.
  5. So in a nutshell you will learn how to eat healthy and stay healthier and prevent many known diseases related to weight gain and your unhealthy eating habits...

I'm making the best effort I can right to reach out to you and help you.Other doctors just want to make money off you continually getting sicker and sick -- but not me. I want you well, lean, safe, sexy and super-health for keeps.Wanting the absolute BEST for you & your health!


Strip that Fat Review

Strip That Fat is one of the newer products that claims to show you how to quickly and easily burn fat and lose weight.

The diet system and eating program in this plan will supposedly allow you to lose weight without restricting your diet to low carb or low fat foods, but rather by eating the right calories.The program claims that by following the Strip That Fat diet generator, you can begin losing weight within two weeks.

Cardiovascular training is a great resource for decreasing body fat percentage. When combined with the correct diet, it can also lower cholesterol, improve cardiac response, and increase blood flow. The benefits of cardiovascular training are endless, but depending on your goals, there are certain things that you must keep in mind.

When doing cardio for body fat loss, be sure to maintain your Target Heart Rate. Your Target Heart Rate is basically a range of two numbers that the hearts beats per minute (bpm) should be in between. Here is how you can find out how to find your THR:
  • First thing in the morning, while still in bed, calculate your heart rate (HR).
  • Subtract your age in years from 220 to get you standard maximal HR.
  • Subtract the your morning HR from your standard maximal HR.
  • Multiply the result of step 3 by 0.60.
  • Multiply the result of step 3 by 0.70.
  • Add your morning HR to the result of step 4.
  • Add your morning HR to the result of step 5.
  • Your target HR training zone is between the two results of steps 6 and 7.
THR is important because it puts the body in its favorite fat-burning zone. If you go above these numbers, you begin to break down protein and amino acids, the building blocks of muscle. So it is possible to do cardio without losing muscle, and actually decrease your body fat percentage.

Resistance Training to Decrease Body Fat Percentage

While it is very important to do cardio, it is also very important to participate in resistance training. When you do cardio for the purpose of losing Body Fat (BF), you are basically reducing the amount of fat between the muscle and the skin. Individuals who are very lean have a small amount of fat blocking muscle.

Resistance training while also doing cardiovascular training is essential. When done correctly, you will begin to cut into that layer of fat between the skin and the muscle. Resistance training will then increase the size and strength of that muscle, pushing it toward the surface, creating an extra lean look.

Strip That Fat is about lifestyle change, so remember, the best exercises are the ones that you will actually do. All of the knowledge in the world will not help you out if you refuse your common sense, and the best gym membership, the most expensive machines will not do a thing if you never use them. Find the exercises that you like the best and do them. Do them often, and do them well. Some of the best: walking, swimming, and yoga.

Strip That Fat Are Going to Show You:
  1. * Why Eating Fat is actually good for you
  2. * Exactly Why Your Last Diet Didn’t Work
  3. * What to Eat and When to Eat for Maximum Weight Loss
  4. * How to Manipulate and Control Your Body to Become a Weight Loss Machine
  5. * How You Can Eat More and Lose More
  6. * How to Trick Your Body Into Being “Full”
  7. * Why We Recommend You Add Breakfast Back to Your Diet
  8. * How to Lose Weight While Eating Out
  9. * The “Secrets” About Water
  10. * 4 Things That Will Help You Propel Your Weight Loss
  11. * Proper Portion Control
  12. * How to Teach Your Body to Burn More Calories
  13. * A Muscle That You Can Build to Blast Weight Loss
  14. * Why You Shouldn’t Eat Salad
  15. * How to Train Your Mind For Long Term Weight Loss
  16. * How to Drop Inches in the Next 7 Days
  17. * How to Drop 14lbs in 14 Days
  18. * Simple Steps to Removing Your Marshmallow Shape
  19. * The Evil 10 – 10 Foods You Need to “Dump”
  20. * The Power 10 – 10 Foods You Need to “Love”
  21. * Why “Biggest Loser’s” Lose Massive Amounts of Weight

It includes some of the most practical and easy-to-implement weight loss techniques that will not only lose you weight in the short term, they are sustainable for long term weight loss. You can eat as much as you want on this diet and the extra bonuses you get when you sign-up are worth the price along. Remember, don't forget to try the STF Diet Creator which will generate a 14 day diet plan for you on the fly in an easy to print document (they even provide a shopping list for you!!).


Earth4Energy Review

Don't pay for your electricity any longer... Instead, the power company will pay YOU! "Michael's complete step-by-step fully illustrated manual will have you generating your own electricity for less than $200!"

Hi, my name is Michael and I'm going to help YOU reduce your power bill by 80% or even eliminate it completely.Not only that, if you create more energy than you use, your power company will actually pay you! My Earth4Energy kit is going to show you everything you need to know about creating electricity from your very own backyard.

If you are interested in learning exactly how to generate power and reduce your bill than this is the perfect resource for you!

With the ever increasing costs of living there is no better time then right now to start producing our own electricity.

Whether you want to simply reduce your power bills or completely eliminate them - Earth4Energy has a solution for you.

Why pay $1000's for wind power or solar power when you can build your own professional system for less than $200!

Earth4Energy is going to teach you everything you need to know about producing your own electricity by using wind and solar power. With our complete step-by-step setup fully illustrated manual you will be able to create your renewable energy solutions in your own backyard!

Let me ask you this question? Why don't you have wind or solar power at home yet? Is it because you think its too expensive?

What if I told you that you can have your own wind or solar power system setup for $200 or less!? It's true! After extensive testing we have now made these plans available to everybody worldwide!

I have personally seen other guides that have been made available and I found them very confusing. I have a great passion for the environment and I want as many people as possible to start generating their own power.

That's why I have written my manual in simple, easy-to-read English with clear illustrations that will guide you through the process. My manual was created with the complete novice in mind so I will basically hold your hand through the build and installation process.

After writing my manual I wanted to know if "the average person" could generate their own power simply by following my guide. I set out to find my test subjects who wanted to "go green" and I found 11 people who knew nothing about generating power. I was very happy to see that all of my test subjects were able to generate enough electricity to power their household appliances!

My test subjects had NO IDEA where to start and didn't even know what an inverter was. My DIY instructions has helped these people create their own renewable energy solution in their own backyards!

Now the Earth4Energy manual is sold worldwide and thousands of happy customers have been able to slash their electricity bill by 80% or more!

Here at Earth4Energy we have created a complete step-by-step manual so that you can setup your own renewable energy system in your backyard for less than $200! Our illustrations and simple directions will literally hold your hand every step of the way and our testimonials prove just that!

Systems like this usually cost thousands but with our simple setup kit you can make your own system and install it for a fraction of the price.
  • Why should you create your own power at home?
  • You will save hundreds of dollars every time you get your power bill!
  • This is great for our environment and your children will thank you for it.
  • With our complete instructions this makes for a fun at home project.
  • When you can make renewable power for less than $200, why wouldn't you!
  • You will be able to spend your savings on more important things
  • Knowing that you are doing your part to conserve our planet feels great!
  • My fully illustrated instructions make this a very simple job for anybody!
Here are just a few of the topics covered in my manual:
  1. What to do before you start - Without this information your whole attempt to create useable electricity could be pointless (very important)
  2. How exactly does solar and wind power work - learn the whole process. I bet this will be very valuable to you!
  3. Build your own wind power generator - You can generate useable energy with a home made windmill for under $200! + it will be very professional looking! (complete with diagrams)
  4. Build your own solar power generator - Complete setup instructions with easy to follow illustrations! Also, build your own solar panels to save extra money! (easy to follow diagrams)
  5. Free bonus chapter - How can you reduce your oil dependence? - This is a real money saver! Get started on this right away!
  6. Free bonus chapter - Ethanol as a viable energy source - How you can use ethanol and save thousands!
+ there are many more topics covered in my easy to follow manual!

How much are you set to save?

Wind and solar power systems cost $3000 and the price just rises from there. I am handing you the information you need to get the same results but for a tiny fraction of the price.

Once you have built and setup your alternate power supply you are going to save hundreds off your electricity bill.

On top of the electricity savings think about this. - When you install your renewable energy system in your home you will increase the value of your home by thousands! This is a great incentive for you to get started right away.
Act now and start saving

You are about to get instant access to all the plans and instructions you need to create electricity in your own backyard.