Lingo Review

Lingo is WIRED Magazine Editors’ Pick
Lingo VoIP Internet Phone Service Provider is a subsidiary of McLean, Virginia-based Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated (Primus Telecom). Primus first entered the VoIP market in 1999 and owns and operates an extensive global network, including a VoIP network which spans 150 countries and carries nearly 2 billion minutes of worldwide VoIP traffic annually. Through the Lingo service, Primus Telecom offers U.S. residential and business service to over 300 major markets and international phone numbers from cities in fourteen countries.

In addition to unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada you can call the UK, Germany, Fance, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand, Australia and more.

Lingo offers all the standard VOIP calling features such as Voicemail, Caller ID, 3-way Calling, Speed Dial, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Call Return (*69). Enhanced features include Anonymous Call Blocking, Enhanced 911 Dialing, Repeat Dialing and Do Not Disturb. You can also keep your existing telephone number and take your VOIP service with you when you travel.

Like all VOIP services, Lingo requires a high-speed Internet connection and most VOIP services are easy to install and setup. Simply sign up online and Lingo will send you a free telephone adapter. An Ethernet card is required to install their service and you have to use Lingo's telephone adapter because it's configured to their system.

Lingo has a large and helpful FAQs section on their website. They also offer customer service by telephone and email. However, they will not answer questions through email unless you are a customer.

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